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Guest Columnist Renee Gatz

Happy St. Patrick's Day Going Home to Ireland
Summertime Almost Christmas
The Power of Irish Wisdom Happy New Year
Labor Day Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day


Guest Columnist Ray Aumack

Love's Promises- Ch. 1 -8
Christmas 2012 Love's Promises Ch. 9-16
Experiencing Irishness Love's Promises - Ch. 17-22
The Story of St. Patrick Love's Promises - Ch. 23
An Irish Immigrant Loves Promises- Ch. 24
The Tiger's Stripes Love's Promises - Ch. 25
The Pope’s Children
Sr. Ita Ford, MM
The Secret to a Good Life    



Guest Columnist Mike Farragher

Mike Farragher is a regular contributor to the Irish Voice and 

Playing Ketchup with Granny                                      The Cross With the Prize Inside

The Travel Agents for Guilt Trips                         A Frank Discussion About Neighbors

Your Brain on Shamrocks Redefined                    When I Was Your Age

Lenten Pizza Penance

Band Trip



TOUGHNUT ANGEL:  The Tale of a Real Life Adventuress of the Old West
 By Jane Baker

Chapter 1 Chapter 7    
Chapter 2
Chapter 3      
Chapter 4      
Chapter 5
Chapter 6

Guest Columnist John Keane


 Bridget Mannion,  “Queen of Alaska"

Seattle’s Genuine “Bit o’ the Ould Sod”






Guest Columnist Ivan Lennon

Personal Memoirs:  Ellen Shanahan Lennon



Guest Columnist Professor Steven G. Farrell

The Irish American Gangster in Films

The Fighting Irish

Meet the Irish-American Hellcats


Did You Know?  By Deirdre McKiernan-Hetzler

The highlight of our monthly e-news, this column features interesting facts and trivia about all things Irish.

Irish Facts 2010 Irish Facts 1/ 2013      
Irish Facts 2011 Irish Facts 2/2013      
Irish Facts 2012 Irish Facts 3/2013      

Walking the Rolling Hills of Eire Toward Change By Molly Ferns

From the moment I knew my hair was red I knew what heritage was. Red hair means Irish and Scottish; Irish and Scottish means pride. I was culturally bred, pushed into Irish Dance at six and took up the Snare for a bagpipe band at eleven. I adored my culture, but that all changed when I entered High School.        Luckily there was still time to go to Ireland.  read more


Memories of the Irish Way 2012  By Mariah Walzer

“I have decided that I am going to live in County Clare when I grow up.” That’s one of the first things I told my parents about my adventure on the Irish Way. I completely fell in love with the area the day that we traveled to the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher, the way the mountains seem to just drop off into the startlingly blue ocean and the quaint beauty of the small fishing towns and sheep-dotted fields. It looked like paradise to me.
 Read More